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Buying New Wheel Trims

Find the correct size of wheel trims for your car

Missouri wheel trim
Autostyle Missouri wheel trim

Fitting a set of new wheel trims is one of the easiest ways to give your car a facelift and make it stand out from the crowd. There are many, many styles available and just a quick look around our store in Warrington will reveal over thirty different designs in stock to fit most steel wheels (not alloy wheels) with sizes between 13 and 17 inch. Wheel trims are generally a universal product (except on a few larger vehicles, such as motorhomes and light commercial vehicles, which usually have a deep dished wheel) so there should be no problem fitting them to the most popular car models on the road.

A question we’re constantly being asked is: “How do I know what size wheel trims I need?” So how do you find the correct size for your vehicle? It’s actually really simple, just look on the side of your tyre!

Wheel size on the side of tyre
Wheel size is on the tyre sidewall

Wheel trims are usually measured in inches and the size refers to the diameter of the vehicle wheels – measured as 13, 14, 15, 16 or 17 inch. To find the size of your wheel and subsequently the size of the wheel trim you require, look on the sidewall of the tyre where you will see a series of numbers. The number following the letter ‘R’ is the wheel size in inches. See the examples below for more details:

165/65 R13 – In this example 13 inch is the size of the wheel, so you would order 13 inch wheel trims.

205/55 R16 – Here 16 inch is the size of the wheel, so you would order 16 inch wheel trims.

The letter ‘R’ in the above examples, just indicates the radial construction of the tyre.

Ring Gyro Wheel Trim
Ring Gyro wheel trim

Wheel trims are very simple to fit and are usually held in place by a retaining ring fitted to the back of the trim. It’s always a good idea though to fit a couple of ‘cable tie’ type straps to each wheel trim to prevent accidental loss or potential theft. These are usually available in black or silver grey, to match the colour of the trim.

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